Civil Seeming Drivel Dreaming is now on release 3.

The main feature for release 3 is that the PRO PRESS option with the leet learner lets the player see if they guessed one word right.


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I've only had the quickest of tries of this, but thought I should mention that "read ll" gave me the message "(hard to do without taking it, so you do)" even though I'd already taken the leet learner and got "Taken" in response. I did, however, turn it off beforehand - not sure if that was a factor.

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Thanks very much! This was indeed a bug where I forgot a simple if-statement. I pushed the change -- but I realized I should've asked you if I wrote your name in correctly (or if you would prefer to remain anonymous! But I do like to give credit for bug finding whenever possible/viable.)


Oh, thank you! That's very kind - and "Damon Wakes" is absolutely fine.