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Hey, I'm a big fan of your past work. there seems to be a bug with the tutorial where the Queen and Rook stay on the board after the tutorial has ended.

Thanks very much for reporting this, and sorry you ran into the bug! I didn't give my testers time to look at this, as it was a response to several really good questions and requests, and I was already late. Then I didn't check a few obvious things. I think I've found a relatively simple and effective fix, but I might not upload for another 12 hours, because I'd like to do a bit of programmer-testing first.

This is fixed now. It helped me find a few other minor things. I'd like to acknowledge you in the credits. It was significant If you'd rather not be acknowledged, no problem, but if you would, how would you like to be referenced?

Thanks again for the kind words and bug report!

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Bug report:
The cover image (link) doesn't load -- gives the error "Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to the Google Cloud Storage object."

And I'm not sure it's working properly -- the parser box isn't visible in the itch frame, and if I view the game in a separate window, the > prompt does't appear on a new line, and the input box looks like an unstyled html input box, rather than what I'm used to with parchment.

Thanks. I wiped out the updated (working) web template when I mistakenly reinstalled the Inform IDE. I think it should work now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks, it seems fine now!

Thanks for reporting this. I was able to look at ways to make the "release with interpreter" code a lot simpler next time, so that's a big chunk of progress.

One more thing ... I'm planning to tweak the CREDITS command, among other very cosmetic fixes -- I'd like to acknowledge you there as a bug finder. If not, no problem, but if so, how would you like to be referenced as?


salty-horse is fine, but there's really no need. I just reported that something is wrong with the itch version, and haven't even played the game yet (sorry!)

No problem whether or not you ever get to it. It's great to have someone doing this sort of sweeper work, though next time around, I'll want to make sure it's someone else who is glad someone did it!